Friday, March 1, 2013

Putting a Dent in 2012 and 2013: Check Out My Cards and ebay

With the new 2013 products hitting the shelves, I took to and ebay to try and complete some of my outstanding 2012 set lists.  On ebay, I was able to score 30 of the 2012 Topps Update '87 minis that I needed. I found a great seller, who had one of those "Complete Your Set" listings. I am now down to 6 cards still outstanding from the Update set.

A sampling of my lot of 2012 Topps Update '87 minis from ebay.

I then headed to and began trying to knock out some of my 2012 Archives needs. I was able to get the last 4 base cards that I needed and picked up some of the cheaper SP cards. I also found the last 2 Series 1 '87 Minis that I needed.

For under $30, I was able to take care of some of my 2012 needs. While I would have preferred making trades to obtain some of these cards, I don't think I did too badly. Towards the end of last baseball season, I decided that while I do love ripping packs, it would be a better use of resources to not buy retail blasters trying to chase after some of the cards that I needed to round out sets. I have a ton of duplicate base cards because I did not abide by that theory in the beginning of the season. This year, I am following through with my late season approach. I bought my HTA Jumbo box of Series 1 and haven't bought another pack since. Instead, I was able to find a lot of the 2013 Series 1 '72 Minis that I needed on ebay. 10 cards for $4.00 and I was able to knock 8 more cards from my want list. The 2 duplicates were Matt Holliday and Mike Trout, which I won't complain about. My 2013 Want and For Trade lists are now up and I would appreciate any help with them. Thanks for reading.

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