Friday, July 6, 2012

Giving it a shot

I remember the first back of 1989 Topps Baseball cards that I opened when I was 9. I was hooked from the first pack. I had just started getting into baseball and my neighbor and I rode our bikes to the corner store that had everything from food to comic books. I bought my first pack and pulled the card that we both wanted most, it wasn't a game used bat card or an autograph or anything fancy, it was card #700 Don Mattingly. From that moment on I was a collector.
Now I'm in my 30's and making my way back into a hobby that I paid little to no attention to for almost 10 years. I would buy a few packs here and there, chase some rookie cards of players I thought would turn into stars, but it was nothing like I had when I was a kid. I have read some great baseball card blogs and have really enjoyed them. They helped get me back into the hobby, so I thought I would start a blog of my own as a way to record my collecting, trading, and thoughts on the hobby. I also intend on adding cards I have for trade, my want lists, and cards that I really enjoyed collecting. I hope I can keep it current and interesting so that others can gain in some way from it. Thanks for reading!