Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let the trades begin...

I have made a flurry of trades with some fellow bloggers and I hope to get them all up this week. I do have to say, I really enjoy making trades with people. It really reminds me of when I was a kid trying to swap a bunch of Wade Boggs cards for a 1987 Topps Jose Canseco.
My recent trades started with James from

I sent him a 2012 Topps Ubaldo Jimenez jersey card and bunch of Braves stuff and in return I got a few cards for my 2011 Topps Diamond Set and 2012 Topps Gold Set.
The thing I was really glad to get in this trade is a 2010 Topps World Series Derek Jeter patch card.

It was great trading with James, check out his blog, especially if you have Braves cards to deal.


  1. I have some cards to trade to you as well. Email me at and maybe we could get something started. Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for the trade Anthony!