Saturday, February 9, 2013

Topps Baseball 2013

The release of the first baseball cards of the year always make me happy. Now that I have had a week to look them over and see what other collectors have pulled from packs, I can honestly say that this year's release is an A+.

Design: The card design is clean with the white border and the team color outlines and the team logo in the corner. It doesn't try to do too much and leaves room for a big photo on the card.

Photography: In past releases, I often found the photography of Series 1 to be lacking, but not this year. There are so many amazing photos on the the cards and a lot of great "in the moment" action shots that really capture why baseball is so great.  I started going through and pulled at least a dozen cards that demonstrate the great photography of this year's set.  Not only are the photos awesome, but the colors on the cards just really pop this year. Usually the Update series is the one full of throwback uniforms, players in their alternate jerseys, but 2013 Topps gives a great selection of photos. I almost can't say enough about how much I enjoy looking at these cards, but I will stop there and let the cards do the talking for themselves.

Exciting celebrations captured on cardboard

Turning Two

Web Gems 

Good looking swings

Sliding Stars

Picture Perfect Pitching

And a few more cards that just caught my eye

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