Saturday, May 18, 2013

Slow Going

I haven't posted much, but that is also because I haven't had a lot going on in the baseball card department. I was not a big fan of Gypsy Queen in 2012 and have stayed away completely in 2013. There are a few cards that really interest me and I do like a few of the inserts, but I will probably pick those up at a later time. I also decided that I would not buy a Bowman Jumbo box this year. I am interested in the prospects, but at this time those are a lower priority.
I have picked up a few blasters of Heritage, hoping to get the one with the print run that I'm missing, but alas, I get a few cards that I need and a big pile of duplicates.
I did finally put up my need list for 2013 Heritage and hope to get some trades working, so that I can knock off a good chunk of the set. If you can help a fellow collector out, tweet, comment or email me and we can set up a trade.
Thanks for reading and hopefully I won't go so long between posts.

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