Monday, October 29, 2012

Looking Back at Gypsy Queen

With the 2012 baseball season coming to a close, I have been trying to sort through and organize all of my 2012 purchases. This being my first big year back in the hobby, I was buying a lot of different Topps products to see what I liked. In mid April, Topps released Gypsy Queen. While I like the idea of reproducing card styles from the 1880's and the checklist offered a lot of HOF players that I still enjoy collecting, this was one of my least favorite products of 2012. The design never really did it for me and although many of the photos, especially of the retired players were very good.
I purchased about 5 blasters from Target on a few different occasions and got some nice cards. I liked the minis, but there are just too many variations for me to keep up with. If I had my way either the Gypsy Queen or Straight back would be the base mini card.
Minis: Lou Brock and Mike Napoli Black Borders, Ben Revere Green Border and Strasburg Straight Cut 

The inserts of Moonshots, Glove Stories, and Sliding Stars were very nice and provided great photos of the players. The Glove Stories are easily my favorite and I really like the Derek Jeter Glove Story (which I am still looking to trade for).
The autograph and relic checklists have a lot of good players and lot of HOFers. The relic checklist is especially loaded with great players. I did get a few hits out of my blasters, although I got a duplicate of the Blue Framed Parallel card, at least it was a Yankee.
No you are not seeing double, I pulled 2 of the same Blue Framed  Parallel card of Curtis Granderson.

Kevin Youkilis relic card.

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