Monday, October 29, 2012

May I Have a Lot of Cards

Continue on my journey of collecting in 2012, we get to May and the release of Bowman Baseball and Topps Archives. I never collected a lot of Bowman even when I was collecting heavily in the 90's. But as everyone knows, Bowman has the rookie cards. I usually buy up singles of Bowman rookie cards, buying low on some prospects who I think have a chance at hitting it big. Of course that means missing out on the Harpers and Strasburgs, but it does mean grabbing players like Chris Sale, Jurickson Profar, and Manny Machado before their card price rises.
This year I decided to grab a box of jumbo packs from LCS. The design is just okay, but nothing special. The base set has some nice rookie cards, but the real reason anyone buys Bowman is for the prospect cards and the potential to hit it big with prospect autographs and refractors.
I ended up just a few cards short of a complete base card set, but I'm not actively trying to finish it. If i finish great, if not, no big deal.  I also did well with the Prospects and the Chrome Prospects cards. I got a few Harpers and almost all of the top picks from 2011 such as Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, and Francisco Lindor. The only top pick that I missed out on was Danny Hultzen of the Mariners. I also landed a number of Bowman's Best cards that I would be willing to part with if anyone was looking to complete a set of them.
I got my 3 promised hits from my jumbo box, although none of the 3 were particularly exciting. The Orange Refractor was the biggest hit because there are numbered out of 25. I also got 2 refractors in this box. I was happy that one of them was Andrew Susac, a catcher in the Giants organization, who I think is going to be a very good Major Leaguer some day. Next year, I may just try to scoop up players that I think will make it big one day instead of buying a box, but the lure of the big hit may be just too overwhelming.

Orange Refractor 20/25
Jeimer Cadelario

Blue Jays Prospect
Jacob Anderson
Yankees Prospect
Rookie Davis

Refractor 81/500 Giants Prospect
Andrew Susac
Blue Refractor 23/250 Tigers Prospect
Brenny Paulino

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