Friday, October 12, 2012

Update and an Update

It has been way too long since I have been able to post. This summer was an exciting time for me. I got engaged to my charming and beautiful girlfriend, so there was a lot of planning going on in July. August was a month of relaxing down at the Jersey Shore (not the one from the MTV show), so I was not doing much of anything. Towards the end of August, a new job opportunity came my way. I started the new job in September and it has been a lot of work to get things where they needed to be. Finally after 2 months, I was able to catch up on sending out trade packages and putting together a new post.
I was tracing my way through the 2012 collecting year ( I only got through Topps Heritage) and I will still continue to do so, but I figured while they are still fresh in everyone's mind, I would post about 2012 Topps Update.
Although, I wasn't collecting a ton in 2010 and 2011, the Update series has been my favorite. The photos just look crisper and brighter and really make the game come alive. I love getting rookies and guys in new uniforms, so I was happy again with the quality of the photos. I really like the SP's from this release and would like to grab a few of them, especially the Ichiro card.
One of my beefs with the set is that Jose Altuve was left out despite being the lone Astros player at the All Star Game. It would have been nice to see one of my favorite players in his All Star uniform. Which brings me to another complaint about the All Star cards in the set. As many bloggers have said before: use the photos of the players in the All Star uniforms. I like the gold border cards and was torn on whether I should reroute my project of putting together a complete Gold Sparkle set and focus on the Gold border cards. But I decided to stay the course and just try and grab some of the cards I really like.
I bought a jumbo box from my LCS and had some nice hits. I completed the base set and have a few doubles for anyone trying to complete the set. I am looking to complete the 1987 Mini's set and the Gold Sparkles. I am also looking to acquire some of the SP cards. I also have Golden Greats, Golden Moments, and Blockbusters for trade, so if you are looking for cards hit me up and we can make a deal.

My favorite hit of the box, Johnny Bench HOF Plaque.
I am open to trading Bench for another HOF plaque card.

Justin Turner Golden Moments Auto. Trade Bait

Joel Peralta Silk. Trade Bait
Pretty cool card with the Home Run Derby trophy.

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  1. just read through your blog - very nice! i am also working on update - i bought a jumbo of 2012 and opened the first 2 packs this weekend... i actually got the Clemente HOF plaque card - it was a pretty cool hit, and such a HEAVY card to hold. i hadn't got a ring card, so this was my first "heavy"